Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby UFO

I'm really trying to get some of these projects done on my UFO list.  There are so many to finish I'm overwhelmed at times.  And I'm doing a bad job of keeping up with my Sylvia's Bridal quilt blocks.  My plan is to prioritize these UFO's and spend some time on my monthly club blocks.  And of course, take a deep breath!

I just finished the binding on this sweet scrap baby quilt.

I just love this scrappy look, turned out being a baby girl's quilt. I am practicing my machine quilting and did a decent job.  This will go to a charity and some lucky little baby girl.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Snow Angel

I just finished another UFO, this was supposed to be done for last Christmas!

I bought this kit at a shop in Iowa last year when we were visiting my in-laws.  It's about 28 X 28".  I did the hand embroidery, machine piecing and machine quilting.  Here's a closer look at the Snow Angel.

I think she is so sweet and will probably be a fun gift for someone special this year.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Cute Accessory

This is a little thank you gift a friend's sister made our little sewing group.  She's come to sew with us a couple of times when she's visiting.  It fits under your sewing machine. 

She used a placemat to make it, designed her own little pattern.  I use the big pocket for thread and fabric snippets you collect while quilting.  She also gave us these sweet pincushions.  I just love pincushions and believe you can never have enough of them!

The photo also shows the non skid backing she added.  This is a wonderful accessory in my sewing room.  It folds up easily to stash in the sewing tote when you're on the go!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sewing on the Go -- a Lifesaver

My sewing group likes to travel several times a year, sewing machines and projects supplies in tow.  Last year we bought ourselves a Tutto (a little pricey but you're worth every penny) and this revolutionized our "hauling" process.  These wheels are fabulous, the handles are easily shortened or removed for storage, and it folds down to 6" for storage.  There are lots of zippered pockets for storing your cords, foot, manual, etc.  The medium sized is allowed as carry on (just be careful what you pack) and my Viking Designer 1 and Bernina 1011 fits in it through the side.  The large is great for going to classes in town or taking in the car but it's not allowed as carry on and I'm not checking my sewing machine!

My favorite color is red -- so that was my choice.

Here it is folded down for storage.

This has served me well and I'm so glad I took the plunge.  They are sold at sewing stores and on line.  We bought ours with a 20% discount and that helped the pocketbook.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A New "Read"

I love to watch old movies, sit com series (Mary Tyler Moore is my all time favorite) or listen to books on CD while I'm sewing.  The clue is not to choose something too deep or you can't focus on sewing too well.  I like to pick light mysteries, romance or lighter drama for my listening.  I found a new author at the library this week and these "books" fit the bill.  Here is the one in my player today.

This "book" is Sweet Revenge by Diane Mott Davidson.  She has written many "catering" murder mysteries.  I am totally enjoying this book and have requested a couple of more from the library.  Most of them are 9-10 CD's or 11-12 hours of playing time.  Check them out yourself.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A New Sewing Tote

I've been on vacation the past couple of weeks so the blog has been on hold.  I went to my Empty Spools quilt retreat in Asilomar, CA (  and then on to Yosemite.  It was wonderful to be away from TV, the news, cell phones (almost no cell coverage in Yosemite) and minimal Internet and email.  I really felt refreshed after this vacation.

I returned in time to buy fabric, quilt it and go to my monthly sew day.  Our project this month was the On the Go Tote, pattern by Wirligig (  The pattern was bought at a local quilt shop.  It does require quite a bit of fabric and quilting the outside and straps took about 10 hours!  I probably should have quilted the outer pockets too, but I'm fine with this look.  The tote measures 20" X 26" X 4" and is every on the go quilter's dream!

I had a time deciding on my fabric.  I just love bright, vintage, retro (think Amy Butler, Jennifer Pagalini, Aunt Grace) but chose a classic black and white mixed with polka dots (one of my all time favorite patterns) and some stripes and other geometric designs.

Here is a close up of the machine quilting -- I really got some free motion practice in!

I'm not sure how well the quilting shows in these pictures.  Believe me, it's there!

I just love all these fabrics.  And the pockets are fabulous.  I can's wait to fill it up with all my quilting supplies to take to my next class or sewing trip.  I'll try to remember to post another picture when the tote is packed. 

This was labor intensive,  probably took 10-15 hours to make.  It was worth it!  The pattern directions left some things to chance, especially the directions for the straps.  We worked through them as a group and our sewing experience helped a lot.