Friday, February 25, 2011

A fun book

It seems with all the adventures in remodeling, I am using any extra time to destress and read!  This is a fun, frivolous book I picked up at the library.

The plot is light, highly improbable and a little risque.  It's about two very wealthy friends in their early forties that have a significant reversal in fortunes.  The news anchor is fired and the other's husband loses his multi million a year job.  They happenstance into an opportunity to start a high end call girl business in their luxurious high rise NYC apartment building.  One is the mother of two teenage girls.  It's funny and an easy read. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

February Craft Night

I posted awhile ago about the vintage card baskets I adore.  My mom did a Google search, found the directions and patterns and we made our own at our last craft night.  None of us can crochet, so we used the blanket stitch to put the baskets together.  We saved our Christmas cards (which seemed to dwindle in number this year) to make Christmas baskets.  You could use any kind of cards for any holiday or birthdays.  Here are our creations.

And here is a close up of each one:

This was mine.

My sister's.

My mom's.

It took us awhile to get the hang of it and at one point we almost abandoned the project and went out for the evening.  I will make some more now.  She found the pattern and instructions at  Check it out!

It seems I've forgotten about the blog the past month.  We've been busy installing new floors in our bedroom and living room/dining room, painting, selecting furniture, fabrics, etc.  The house is getting a whole new look.  I have stuff everywhere -- the china hutch is emptied as well as the hope chest, closet, assorted cupboards.  I have a couch in the middle of my kitchen, hutch drawers on the family room floor, boxes in the hall, garage, etc.  It took awhile to find the camera and then some batteries!