Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Great "Read"

This is what I "read" or actually listened to while I was making the bibs and pillowcases.  I LOVED it!  I checked it out from our public library.  I should be able to finish it this week and will look for other books by this author.  It was a fun, light story.  I love to go to our library and make it there weekly for the most part. I've enjoyed the library my entire life and am grateful for all the different books and movies it's brought into my home over the years.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pillowcases Galore!

I'm part of a lovely group of ladies that were once members of National Charity League with our daughters.  They have graduated from high school so now we are known as Sustainers.  We get together several times a year to socialize and continue philanthropy projects.  The past few months we've been making pillowcases using the "taco" or "hot dog" technique for children with cancer.  The charity gives them to the kids to use while in the hospital or receiving other treatments.  We've made 46 so far and I'll deliver this batch tomorrow.  It's been a lot of fun and some of these women don't sew!  They have helped in many ways == buying fabric, measuring, cutting, pressing and serving dessert!  Here's some pictures of our pillowcases.

Here's all 46 of them!

We have so many different fun fabrics:  flowers, puppies, football helmuts, baseballs, ballerinas, tractors, bugs, zebra print, frogs, monkeys, peace signs, hearts, just to name some of them.  We hope it helps to bring a liitle happiness into these children's lives.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fancy Bibs

It seems the days are flying by lately and I've been away from the blog again.  I've been busy making some fancy bibs -- white satin with lace, for 17 lovely young women.  They will be worn with beautiful white gowns in a couple of weeks.  They will be presenting with National Charity League.  The lovely bibs are worn during dinner so their lovely gowns stay pretty.  They are like the bibs many brides wear.  I've made about 100 of these the past five years.  I drafted a pattern from a piece of newspaper, using my daughter as a model many years ago, when she presented as a high school senior.  Here's a bib:

They are simple yet elegant.  I'll fold them nicely and wrap with lavendar tulle since this
is one of their colors.  I'll wait until next week to do that so they aren't too
wrinkled when they are unwrapped in two weeks.  Here's the pile of 17:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some Paper -- What I'm Reading

I am part of a fabulous book club.  We meet monthly at someone's home or a nearby coffee shop, depends on the weather.  We bring our ideas to a meeting twice a year, discuss the options and set up the next six month schedule.  We try to choose books that are out in paperback or readily available at the public library to minimize costs.  We meet tonight and our selection is Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross.  It's historical fiction and very interesting story about a woman in the ninth century who perhaps was pope for a short time.  The author has a website that enables you to interact with her for a book club meeting.  There are also book club questions in the back of the book.  Our group is more informal and probably won't use the questions.  I would recommend the book.  It's very interesting.

Next month we'll be reading an oldie but goodie, the Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher.  It's a great story, many of us have read it years ago, and is good beach reading.

This book is in paperback and is available at the library.  It's probably an audio CD too!

Happy Reading!  What are YOU reading?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm back -- May UFO done

I've been gone from my blog for a few weeks.  I've been in a blog funk, I guess.  Just couldn't find time to brainstorm post ideas or find the camera.  Been trying to exercise and lose some more weight, boy does that take up a lot of time!  There are so many UFO's in my sewing room I just don't know where to start anymore.  But there was some time to finish the binding and label on this fine quilt.

This was started on my Lake Tahoe friends retreat last November.  The pattern is from
an issue of American Patchwork Quilting magazine.  We all brought fabric strips, put
them in the middle of the table and started grabbing fabric.  It was so much fun.
And the pattern and directions were easy, much to my surprise.
Here's a closer look at a block.

My border and sashing fabric is beautiful.  I searched and auditioned many other fabrics
for my borders but this was the winner!  I think I'll make another one
of these some day.  I'm so happy to have another UFO done!