Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fun little project

My friend, Rachel, started to collect selvages a year or so ago.  She saw a magazine article with some projects in it and then bought a book.  I guess this is a hot new trend in the quilting world.  She made a quilt earlier this summer with them and it was fabulous.

So, we had a sew day at her house recently and she shared her selvages!  I made this cute little bag using Amy Butler's Swing Bag pattern.

You really can't see the bow very well but it's very cute.  Then, Rachel said I needed to make a coin purse with the scraps.  Well, I wasn't up to tackling a zipper, the snap almost did me in!  So I made a little wallet.

I think its a very cute set and I can't wait to use them.  The best part was it didn't cost a penny.  I had the muslin in my fabric stash and Rachel gave me the black and white fabric for the bow from her extensive stash.
I've had the pattern for years and have used it many times. I just freehanded the wallet.


Friday, September 2, 2011

I just love to read!

Summer is my time to read.  I'm halfway through this gem.

I will admit I didn't know what to think about it at first.  It's a different style of writing alternating between two protagonists.  It's a little like a series of essays.  But they are beautiful and tell a beautiful story.  I was also attracted to the Hedgehog in the title.  My daughter's 4th grade teacher had a hedgehog in the classroom and it was her theme for the year.  That was a little different for elementary school.  And this book has helped me to appreciate this special animal even more.  The book was a New York Times Bestseller, deservedly so.