Sunday, September 2, 2012

August UFO

I've been very productive this summer and stayed on track in my sewing room to finish lots of projects and quilts.  Here is my finish for August.  I was so disgusted with this one, it almost ended up in the trash.

I started this during a class several years ago.  All pieces are cut with a 60 degree ruler and every seam in there is a Y-seam!  Well, the teacher used my fabrics to demo the technique and cut my fabric the wrong direction!  So, I had to proceed doing the entire quilt backwards with the angles and Y-seams.  Well, I did it but I don't think the effect worked so well color wise.  The quilt is named "Pretzel Party".  My daughter thinks it looks more like a Jewish star.  It think it is sweet and would make a lovely quilt for a baby girl.